2 - Pure Bamboo w. Kasuti Stole

Rs. 3,450.00

There are so many elements that come together to make what we present here and oh, what a journey each piece enjoys! It bears the mark of women and men who through each stage of creating this product have given their best to make something of such beauty - from conceptualising and designing it, to weaving the stole on the handloom, to the rare and uniquely done tasseling by the deft hands of Kaarigars within our studio, to the Kasuti done by another group of talented women who have unfortunately been distressed by difficult circumstances but have pushed themselves to have a better life and are now encouraged and backed by a NGO KaleNele works with closely to support their cause. Each stole has a story to tell.

This one in particular is truly a class apart. This forms part of our Pournima collection, keeping the full moon in theme, calming and serene, our lightweight and absolutely stunning bamboo stole. Indigenous extraction of bamboo has been by the Punarjeevana Trust. This beauty has been woven on the handloom in Northern Karnataka, warp 80s count, weft 60s count, with a pure bamboo body. To add to the exquisiteness of this piece, hand Kasuti has been carefully done on each of these unique pieces.

Dimensions: 75" in length, 25" in width

Weight: 105 g

Care Instructions: Hand wash separately in cold water.