6 - Mulberry Silk Ilkal Stole

Rs. 3,200.00

Marrying the traditional with the contemporary. A stole designed in a way so as to retain the beauty of the traditional weave and technique but reimagined to present to you a new look in a product that is chic, the mulberry silk Ilkal stole. The weaver's ability to execute with skill and finesse brings to life the imaginations of the creative and thoughtful designer, bringing to you an exceptionally amazing drape in the form of the lightweight Ilkal stole! 

So easy to wear and so light, this unique piece is woven on handloom (pitloom) and made of 100% mulberry silk, this stole bears the quintessential tope teni pallu. Feel joyful pairing this range of stoles with your kurtas or tops over jeans or parallels. They come packaged in a beautiful cloth bag with a fabric flower and make for great gifts.

Dimensions: 78" in length, 23" in width

Weight: 95 g

Care Instructions: Dry clean only.