Dwar Ochre Toran

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Tale-Bagilu or the main doors to the houses in North Karnataka were shorter than the doors we have now. Also most doors were elaborately adorned with Torans and Hangings. Each house showing off a character that was their own.

Here we have another version of the Toran, the 'Dwar Torana'. Something more substantial with flowers embellishing it. This one comes with strings on either sides which helps to tie it straight on to the door. This comes in two colours, green and ochre. Here we present to you the Dwar Ochre Toran.

Dimensions: Length - 36" + 13" (6.5" string on either side), Width - 12.5"

Weight: 70g

Care: Flat hand wash, flat dry in shade. Iron with thin cotton fabric covering the Toran.