Kasuti Abharan Tiger Claw (Silver) Necklace

Rs. 2,200.00

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The highlight of this pendant is the elaborate kasuti embroidery of the 'Tigers-Claws'. This is to ward off  malevolent spirits and helps instill courage into the wearer. A silver taweez sewn onto the end complements the piece and is an additional layer of protection. The traditional taweez is known to contain sacred verses, which makes it ever so special.  

Pendant Dimensions: Length - 4", Width - 2.5"
Dori Length (each side) - 17"
Weight - 25g 

Care instructions:
Delicate Hand wash. Flat dry. Store in the fabric envelope provided. Silver can be carefully cleaned using silver cleaner without soiling the fabric. (Alternately can clean silver by rubbing with Colgate tooth powder or toothpaste)