Kitaki Nimbe 8x22 Cushion

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Green has always symbolized the colour of growth, of renewal, rebirth. This restores depleted energy. The lush greenery and the breezy weather, alongside the meandering waterfalls appear as the pinnacle of beauty in the monsoon season. In these rain drenched forests of the ghats the green parrot, one of the most intelligent and vibrant bird finds its home. The floors of the forest laden with discarded black, brown and red leaves of the harsh summers, moistened now and ready to be a part of the earth once again paints a picture of hope.

It is this tapestry that we capture into our collection, the "Nimbe"- meaning the lime in Kannada. The Nimbe fruit takes birth in a bush laden with rich green waxy leaves, starts its journey as a deep green fruit, grows bigger, transitioning through all the hues of green into the final yellow lime, all through building its tart-juices within. The collection emphasizes the colour green in all its hues, the yellow afternoon, lime lemon, parrot green, lush green forest - all the colours of growth, juxtaposed with black and brown the colour of discard that has a promise of regeneration.

Lining for front and back. Back is a plain coordinated fabric with zipper fastener.

Note, this cushion comes pre-filled with a removable cushion filler to give you a perfectly full look!

Dimensions: 8"x22"

Weight: 450g

Care: Dry clean only