Multi Khunn Potli Earrings

Rs. 1,250.00

An awesomely exciting product line for us at KaleNele to launch this year for Abharana 2023. There has been much demand and therefore, here we are with a range of beautiful options to start you off with!

Each of these pieces has taken an immense amount of precise and skilled handwork by the artisan behind it. Designed for you to love and executed with perfection, here we have a rectangular potli stuffed with cotton and dressed quite spectacularly in carefully brought together Khunn fabric from multiple options in vibrant jewel tones. The delicate attachment of the potli and silver bead with the silver hook has been made with precision thread work to add to the perfect finishing touch.

The hook in pure silver has also had a lot of thought put into it, in addition to the overall design. A lovely piece of work from another very talented local artisan to help us bring this unique piece to you. 

Our earrings have multiple neckwear that you could pair them with and here is a representative photo. Be sure to have a look through our neckwear collection to have the perfect KaleNele set!

Earring Dimensions : Length - 3", Width - 1"
Weight - 5g

Care instructions:
Earrings wipe clean. Store jewellery in the fabric envelope provided.