KaleNele, a shelter for all forms of arts and crafts is the literal meaning in the language Kannada. This is exactly what it espouses to be. We are in the land of our great country India, where every state, every region, every village, every household has a culture, a quirk of accent, a recipe handed down generations, a treasured sari, a wall-hanging of cross stitch. Our humble effort is to adopt a few forms of craft, provide a new interpretation to them, design products of lifestyle so that we can make them a part of our day-to-day lives and add that touch of colour, and vibrancy.

The indigenous fabrics, arts, crafts and embroideries of this country are the basis for its designs.

The uniqueness of ‘KaleNele’ is really the ability to design products that cater to the core needs of the customer. To listen to them and interpret what they are saying and not saying. To design around the constraints of the budget or time. Having a truly satisfied customer is very important for ‘KaleNele’. They may be a retail walk in customer, a customer over the internet, an owner of a lifestyle store or a whole-seller. Every customer is important and this fundamental drives all decision making at ‘KaleNele’. 

Just as in a family, a sense of peace and happiness is very important in the work environment too. The work culture at KaleNele is positive, purposeful yet not over-bearing. It is very important to have the continuity of the Kaarigars and sourcing partners that we work with, which is only possible if the dealings are fair and transparent. 

Such is a shelter that fosters happiness and creativity.

So, yes - the vibes in the name is possibly the key!