Art has civilized us. 

70000 BC - The first humans migrate to India

3300 BC - Harappa arises in the Indus Valley Civilization

1500 BC - The Vedic age in North India 

563 BC - Prince Siddharth Gautama -  Buddha

500 BC - Mahabharatha and Ramayana composed

400 BC - Bharathnatyam comes into being

200 BC - The earliest Tamil literature comes into being

100 BC - Silk trade route established

600 - Islam introduced to India by the Silk traders

1200 - Delhi Sultanate

1600 - East India Company

Such is the glory and the past of this incredible country. Spirituality, art, crafts, poetry and literature have been the bedrock of the Indian ethos. It is this upbringing that has given us our identity, that makes us the Indians we are. It is this heritage that we have the solemn responsibility to protect, cherish and attempt to make an indelible mark on the eons of history that our heirs, who will supersede us, will look back on and assume an equal sense of responsibility to keep such tradition alive. Keep the wick burning in the lamp, feed it with fragrant oil, so that the light and scent of this land continue to illuminate and enliven the human race.

The mission of KaleNele is to contribute to this grandiose purpose by being the shelter for all forms of arts and crafts that this land of Karnataka has practiced for centuries. To do what we can, in our own small way. Weaving Bagalkot districts. Kasuti of Dharward district. Wood crafts of Kinhal. Toy making of Chanpattana. Silks of Mysore. Wool of Chitradurga and many more... 

KaleNele aspires to adopt a cluster, one at a time. Observe the current state of affairs, research the traditional ways, assess the gaps and build a structured roadmap to address these gaps. Address, what it would take to adopt the glorious practices of the past. For those practices had a reason, a purpose of both beauty and sustainability. 

Our mission is to create viable models for revival. Revival executed in measured steps. Practicing the delicate balance of providing sustained vocation for the Kaarigars, revival of craft, economic viability of the revival, and most importantly creating and growing a market for the consumption of the creations by the people. It is also to educate today's individuals and corporates alike, the hopeful custodians of traditions for generations to come.

There are multiple stakeholders in this journey. Kaarigar’s being the nucleus. Vendors, Traders, Staff, Marketing partners, E-Commerce players, and many more. Each entity involved has a role to play. A part in the jigsaw very necessary to make the picture complete and perfect. It is hence the mission of KaleNele to nurture this eco-system. Deal fairly. Deal for longevity of relationship. It is the goodwill of one and all that is critical for the mission at hand. 

Our patrons and supporters entrust us with the responsibility of constantly innovating. It will be the mission of KaleNele to do well, what we do, and to experiment the new for the new tommorow. Conceive better weaving techniques. Explore natural dyes. Design better products that are utilitarian and appeal to both the young and the seasoned. Adopt better ways to showcase our products to the world, dependable processes, and a reliable supply chain. 

Above all, it will be the mission of KaleNele, for all employed and working to be happy. Happy doing our little bit each day, creating craft, serving our customers, engaging corporates, working with our partners, each day with a smile of contentment for the blessing thus far and a hope for brighter and sunnier days ahead.