About Us

Kale, in Kannada, translates to "art", and Nele to "shelter" and that is what we espouse to be, a shelter for art to nurture craft and Kaarigar. KaleNele was started with a mission to provide an uncontested identity to the weaving tradition and art and craft forms of Karnataka, reviving these dwindling art forms and creating sustainable employment for more weavers and artisans alike. It is a humble effort to adopt a few traditional forms of craft, weave indigenous fabrics from our hinterlands, reinterpret them and design products of lifestyle that add a touch of colour and vibrance to our day-to-day lives.

Everything has meaning, even the motifs woven have a particular theme or concept derived from nature or the lives of the people of that region. On a piece of Khunn, for instance, you may see jowar seeds or a goddess that weavers worship during the monsoons. Through our efforts, we strive to make more people aware of the richness of our age-old traditions in the hope of preserving them. We strongly stand for handcrafting each and every piece to perfection and bringing it together with love. A lot of thought and care is taken while creating each KaleNele product. We combine the exceptional art forms of multiple clusters of Karnataka to create a thing of beauty. Our product offerings include clothing such as sarees, cholees, dupattas & stoles, accessories such as bags, fabric jewellery that are statement pieces, and home decor items such as cushion covers, table runners, torans, hangings etc.  

What stands out for us at KaleNele is how we engage with each of our weavers and artisans through the journey of design and product development. It is in the hope that each of them will feel encouraged to continue using their exquisite skills and pass it down to the generations to come. We commit ourselves to their progressive betterment resulting in relationships that last.

We hope our efforts go a long way in encouraging the artisan communities and the traditional art and crafts of our land to thrive. Come join us in our journey to achieving our mission!