Swarna Rudraksha 18x18 Cushion Cover

Rs. 985.00

The "Rudraksha", known to be one of the most precious beads, owing to its divine healing powers. The meaning of the word "Rudraksha" is the eyes of Rudra (Shiva) and his tears (Aksha). It is said to protect and help us overcome obstacles in our spiritual journey. Of a very powerful vibration, it is an imposing object of interest.

This collection consists of Khunn fabric with a mainly uses the motif of the 'Rudraksha'. They are woven in warm tones. Different Khunn fabric is used to accentuate the overall look. To provide this collection relief, we also have complimenting cushion covers in plain gold tones. It is the ingeniousness of the designer to make this product functional and durable, and how? By creating an extra topstitch as a technique which adds itself also as a beautiful design element. After the topstitch is done, they are brought together panel by panel in perfect balance. This is a labour intensive and elaborate process which needs very skilled Kaarigars to execute such perfection. Lining for front and back. Back is a plain coordinated fabric with zipper fastener.

Dimensions: 18"x18"

Weight: 95g

Care: Dry clean only