Marigold 42" Toran

Rs. 850.00

The meaning and importance of festivals one realises so much more as one grows older. One looks back and reminisces about those innocent days of first hunting for a bunch of mango leaves, cleaning them, wiping them, getting the brightest leaves, making the little loop using the petiole of the leaf, and then looking for a twine to string all these leaves in to a toran. Fixing the toran is a declaration of the beginning of the festivities.

It is these festivals that define who we are. It ties us. It binds us. It grounds us to our ethos, our pastor heritage. We now have this beauty, the Mango-Marigold Toran created out of fabric, by the deft hands of our Kaarigars. Vivid bottle green leaves, perfectly cut, made taut and then finished. Once the basic leaves get done, they are attached to a gold band that provides both setting and the means to hoist on the frame of the door. These leaves are then further embellished with marigold flowers made by the ladies of a NGO that KaleNele supports.

A labour of love. An auspicious adornment for your door. A harbinger of positive energies in to the homes of one and all. The toran has 12 fabric leaves and 12 fabric flowers. Three slots on the loop on either sides allows to adjust and get the toran to fit perfectly to the nails affixed for your toran. Fits any regular door size.

Dimensions: Length - 36" + 6" (3" loop on either side), Width - 6"

Weight: 70g

Care: Flat hand wash, flat dry in shade. Iron with thin cotton fabric covering the Toran.