17 - Khunn Reimagined Silk Saree

Rs. 32,500.00

Aparanji. The traditional borders of our ‘Aparanji’ series. ‘Aparanji’, meaning pure gold, the making of something brilliant. From the mind of the designer to the hands of the weavers and finally to the hearts of those who possess this thing of beauty. As close as it can get to it’s purest, most traditional form as a saree, this piece of art is truly stunning. Some with colours of old, the original. Some reinterpreted with colours that make your eyes look upon this saree with pure satisfaction.

Royal, majestic and gracious, this collection of pure mulberry silk Khunn sarees is a line that commands attention and is nothing short of a statement piece. 100% mulberry silk, woven on pitloom, this saree is the product of an effort of more than four years, relentless trials and tribulations to get the traditional looms fitted with 6 , 8, 10 dobby shafts allowing the range of Khunn motifs to be overlaid on the mulberry silk warp and weft; the permutations of the ply of the yarn on both warp and weft to get the feel of the saree just right; the ingenious finishing at the seams of the body giving way to the pallu. Each step in the process has been a journey in itself. A journey worth cherishing, a journey to now share with the discerning connoisseur of this classic art form.

This design has been woven as a unique piece and comes with a coordinated pure mulberry Khunn blouse fabric of 1.25 meters.

Dimensions: Saree - 6 meters in length, 48" in height, Blouse fabric - 1.25 meter, 32" width

Weight: Saree - 850 g, Blouse fabric - 100 g

Care Instructions: Dry clean only.