28 - Ilkal Reimagined Silk Cotton Saree

Rs. 9,850.00

A modern take on the traditional Ilkal saree. As a continuation of our Ilkal reimagined series, here we have a handwoven saree that transcends choice based on age and appeal. This is a collection of sarees meant for the young as well as the seasoned, the new age of saree lovers as well as the experienced saree wearer.

We have taken the core elements of traditional Ilkal weaving and tweaked them to create a contempo-ethnic look. Using the concept of Garbha Reshme where one yarn of cotton and one yarn of silk in the warp and weft marry to create a beautiful silk cotton body with a pure mulberry silk pallu and border. We have used various colour tones ranging from pastel tones to vibrant & rich jewel tones, and brought them together to create a unique and fresh look for each saree. With a traditional Gadi-Dadi border, the pallu uses the traditional tope teni, varying slightly on each saree but not steering too far so as to keep up the beauty of the original design. As with all of KaleNele's sarees, the comfort one enjoys wearing this one is something else. 

Each saree comes with a uniquely and gorgeously coordinated Khunn blouse fabric of 1 meter.

Dimensions: Saree - 6 meters in length, 48" in height, Blouse fabric - 1 meter, 36" width

Weight: Saree - 595 g, Blouse fabric - 100 g

Care Instructions: Hand wash separately in cold water. Mild detergent. Dry under shade.