Airavat 12x60 Runner

Rs. 1,985.00

The term Airavat in Hindu mythology refers to the 'white elephant', which carries the deity Indra. With white elephant and peacocks woven in Khunn fabric as the core of the design, this runner showcases different Khunn weaves in white and black tones. Set against a black Khunn centre panel, the design creates borders on both sides, one side accentuated with maroon borders and other side with black borders.

This piece adorns a table and a wall equally beautifully. For a 4 seater, the runner drops on either side elegantly, for a 6 seater, it fits end to end and an 8 seater, it sits on the centre leaving enough room for table mats on all sides.

Dimensions: 12"x60"

Weight: 200g

Care: Dry clean only