Classic Kamanabillu 16x16 Cushion Cover

Rs. 985.00

Kamanabillu - Indradhanush (or Rainbow in Kannada)

Different colours of Khunn fabric in different weaves brought together to create the design. Every panel is first top stitched with a lining fabric. Then joined to perfection and finished with another layer of lining. Coordinated plain back with lining and zipper fastener.

Note: To buy a cushion filler for your cushion cover please Contact us or call us at +91 63644 15557 and we will help you out. Our fillers are brilliantly handmade by a skilled local kaarigar who has been an integral part of KaleNele and grown with us since the year 2012. Shipping will be charged at actuals and your order shall be processed separate from your online order.

Dimensions: 16"x16"

Weight: 135g

Care: Dry clean only