Ganesha Nava Rasa Topstitch 12x60 Runner

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Nava Rasa Ganesha runner has Nava (9) panels of Khunn in different motifs in ochre and saffrony orange tones. These tones combine the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. It is associated with joy, sunshine, and the tropics. It is also a pious colour of marigolds that are used in most of our Indian festivals and weddings. Hindu God Ganesha's Arati mentions these colours associated with the lord in the line 'Chandanachi Uthi Kumkuma Keshara'.

Technically, each panel is top stitched with a lining fabric to create another dimension and also impart strength. These panels are then joined to perfection and again joints reinforced with a top stitch. An antique gold colour flange completes the look of this radiant and festive runner.

This piece is reversible and adorns a table and a wall equally beautifully. For a 4 seater, the runner drops on either side elegantly, for a 6 seater, it fits end to end and an 8 seater, it sits on the centre leaving enough room for table mats on all sides.

Dimensions: 12"x60"

Weight: 250g

Care: Dry clean only