Kasuti Abharan Dancing Deer (Silver) Necklace (3)

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Sangai is the dancing deer. But interestingly it is not really the deer dancing, its the terrain, the moistness in the soil that when tread by the light footed steps of the nimble deer, to the observer it gives an effect of the deer dancing in all joy. 

It is these deer that are intricately hand embroidered in the Kasuti art form. The pendant also has a pair of little beads of silver sewn onto the pendant. 

Pendant Dimensions : Length - 2.5", Width - 3.5"
Dori Length (each side) - 20"
Weight - 20g 

Care instructions:
Delicate Hand wash. Flat dry. Store in the envelope provided. Silver can be carefully cleaned using silver cleaner without soiling the fabric. (Alternately can clean silver by rubbing with Colgate tooth powder or toothpaste)