Kasuti Turtle (Silver) Necklace

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In Hindu mythology it is thought that the world rests on the backs of four elephants who stand on a shell of a turtle. Elephant is the masculine symbol and the turtle represent the feminine. This duality is what the world rests on, has been around for eons, and will continue to thrive. Two of these turtles created in kasuti forms the pendant, held with a very unique band of golden khunn. Very classy!

Note that you can wear it either side to try out two different looks!

Pendant Dimensions: Length - 4", Width - 2"
Dori Length (each side) - 17"
Weight - 30g 

Care instructions:
Delicate Hand wash. Flat dry. Store in the fabric envelope provided. Silver can be carefully cleaned using silver cleaner without soiling the fabric. (Alternately can clean silver by rubbing with Colgate tooth powder or toothpaste)