Palki 12x60 Runner

Rs. 1,985.00

Notes of melancholy, a raw quiet drift in the air, a yearning for times of coziness and warmth. Some of these emotions come together in this collection - Palki / the palanquin, with the colours of violet, moss green, ochre and rust. The design sports 3 different weaves / colours of Khunn fabrics accentuated with thin strips and borders of the fourth tone. Asymmetric usage of colours on either side of the moss tone creates interest. Technically each panel is top stitched at every half inch with a lining to add another dimension and strength. These panels are then joined to perfection with a strip of rust Khunn and finished with a border of rust Khunn.

This piece is reversible and adorns a table and a wall equally beautifully. For a 4 seater, the runner drops on either side elegantly, for a 6 seater, it fits end to end and an 8 seater, it sits on the centre leaving enough room for table mats on all sides. Pair with an attractive set of mats for the perfect look.

Dimensions: 12"x60"

Weight: 180g

Care: Dry clean only