Pournima Panchadhanush Necklace

Rs. 1,900.00

Rainbows have always evoked a sense of joy. Spotting one post a shower on a blazing summer afternoon has assured us, passed on a message that all good and beauty will follow the darkest of the storms.

So here, we have strings of Khunn precisely brought together to create an impressive neckwear, with a very different take, that is of a monotone. The flang is done in pure silk dupion. This neckwear or should we call it a neck-apparel is a dress in itself!

Pendant Dimensions : Length - 10"
Dori Length (each side) - 20"
Weight - 30g 

Care instructions:
Delicate flat hand wash. Shade dry. Light iron after covering the neckwear with a thin cotton fabric. Store jewellery in the fabric envelope provided.