Swarna Parkar Polka / Lehenga

Rs. 1,750.00


Khunn fabric was traditionally used mainly for making cholees to go with Ilkal sarees in the regions of North Karnataka and Maharashtra. This was also at times used for making long skirts and blouses for little girls, called the Parkar Polka. KaleNele adopted this concept to design and weave a version of the outfit with double borders in bright Indian jewel tones. The parkar has been engineered on the loom and woven to get another border to suit the design of the outfit. The blouse is lined with soft cotton fabric for our little princesses to stay comfortable in.

The skirts come with fabric flowers, a signature detailing of Kalenele, and the fine fabric piping adds to the beauty of the overall outfit.

Stitched to perfection, these delightful pavadas come in a variety of distinct colours and are available in sizes from new born to 10 years of age. They come packaged in a charming little cloth bag with a pretty fabric flower as a tie. With this also comes a pair of adorable fabric flower hair clips to finish your little one's look!

Dimensions: Please check size chart

Weight (with cloth packaging): 

Age 0-1 yr - 165 g

Age 1-2 yrs - 180 g

Age 2-4 yrs - 215 g

Age 4-6 yrs - 235 g

Age 6-8 yrs - 300 g

Age 8-10 yrs - 340 g

Care Instructions: Hand wash separately in cold water. Use mild detergent. Dry under shade.